linoleum furniture products


Linoleum Furniture Products

Furniture Linoleum can be applied in numerous areas such as offices and similar work environments, kitchens, shops and hospitality and leisure centers. See some of our references below.

The Franz Faust company concentrates exclusively on the production of linoleum furniture products, especially linoleum coated table tops and notice boards. The elastic coating of our Furniture Linoleum makes a perfect surface for home and work environments such as shop or reception counters, cupboards, interior doors, chairs, dividing walls and wall paneling.

Photographer: Franz Faust, Arne Hofmann, Haw-Lin, Michael Kastenbauer, Studio Muy
Location: Huglfing, Deutschland

Pieter van Foreest, healthcare provider. At the department of palliative care are a number of tables and window sills lined with desktop.

Interior architect: Sechmet Bötger, Innerarchitecture
Photographer: Erik Poffers
Location: Gravenzande, NL

Bartmann Berlin- This nice bed UNIDORM with furniture linoleum elements is the newest trend of modern furniture. The bedhead is furnished with furniture linoleum (Color Desktop Pebble 4175)

Photographer: Amos Fricke, Dorothea Fiedler, Herr Schnepp-Renou und Bartmann Berlin
Interior designer: bartmann berlin
Location: Berlin, Deutschland
Project Name: Bett UNIDORM

Marmoleum on a table.

Designer table; Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
Producer: Hay
Photo: Hotze Eisma

Marmoleum on a side table.

Designer: Thor Høy
Producent & foto: Nicolaj Bo™

Marmoleum as used as tabletop.

Designer: Suzanne Zolatan Illes
Producent: Furn by Ox
Photo: Maibritt Høj Clausen

Marmoleum on circular display tables.

Sabine T. Appel

An array of Marmoleum colors used on stools.

Photography: Forbo Flooring Systems

Marmoleum used on coffee tables.

Designer: Karsten Lauritsen
Producent: Zesigner Zoo
Photo: Tom Jersø

Marmoleum used on a door.

Möbeltischlerei Marko Wust
Photo: Daniel Hanke

Marmoleum on kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Production: &SHUFL
Design: &SHUFL

Table is based off of contemporary dining room furniture. Simplicity is a key element. The Table is made of oak and marmoleum, which are high end natural materials that add durability and give the table an exclusive look. The matte linoleum is pleasant to the touch and easy to maintain.

Normann Copenhagen ApS
Designer: Simon Legald

Marmoleum provide a non-shiny, pleasantly warm and elastic surface for these stools.

Faust Linoleum
Foto: Arne Hofmann, Haw-Lin, Michael Kastenbauer, Studio Muy

Marmoleum used on a desk and dresser customized unit.

Garde Hvalsøe A/S
Design: Søren Hvalsøe Garde
Foto: Pernille Kaalund