Unblemished, hygienic, clean


Hygienic and antistatic by nature

The all-natural composition and Forbo’s special surface finish ensure that Furniture Linoleum is naturally antistatic. This gives it a key practical advantage in comparison with other furniture finishes because the surface actively resists the build-up of static charges. This helps to prevent dust or dirt from sticking to it and helps to ensure that the material remains unblemished, hygienic and clean.

A High-performing natural winner

Furniture Linoleum is produced from a very finely ground linoleum granulate created from pure oxidized vegetable linseed oil and natural pine rosin, to which wood flour and color pigments have been added. The Furniture linoleum is created by a calendar process which rolls the material on to an impregnated paper backing. It is finished with a water-based, cross-linked acrylic finish that protects the surface while maintaining the flexibility special touch of linoleum.

Committed to the Health of One

With our products we aim at creating a better quality indoor environment, one that gives pleasure to people to live and work in. In the case of Furniture Linoleum this is created through high quality furnishings that are hygienic and pleasant to touch and use.

Furniture Linoleum, being a natural product that has very low emission helps to create a healthier environment where people can be happy and are good company.